In astrology, a dwadasama, which is also called a dwad, duad or dwadachamsha is 1/12th of a zodiacal sign. The dwadasama was developed by Hindu Astrologers who broke the 30 degree sign down into 12 equal parts of 2.5 degrees each. It is based upon the principal of the part being a reflection of the whole, and 12 signs of the zodiac were placed within the confines of one sign. It is believed that these signs within a sign, by virtue of their planetary rulers, account for subtle shadings of expression found in different degrees of that sign. Therefore, in addition to the sign having a primary planetary ruler, it would also have a sub-ruler, based upon which dwadasama it is placed in.

For example, if an individual's Sun is placed in 10 degrees 51 minutes Aquarius then their Sun sign would be ruled by Uranus, but the dwad, being in the range of 10 to 10.5 degrees would be placed within Gemini, so the individual's sub-ruler would be Mercury, which rules Gemini.

When looking at the chart below, each number at the top pf the list equals 2.5 degrees.

So 1= 00-2.5 degree   2 = 2.5-5 degree    3= 5 - 7.5 degree   4- 7.5 - 10     5= 10.0 - 10.05  and so forth

A listing of the dwads for each sign is found in the diagram below:-



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by Alice Portman

The duads are the division of a sign by twelve 2 degree 30 minutes segments, each segment being a little mini sign within that sign. They start with the diad of the sign, so the first 0 degrees to 2 degrees 30 minutes of a sign is always the same as the sign itself, the second segment 2 degrees 30 minutes to 5 degrees is the next sign along and so on. So 0 - 2 dgrees 30 minutes of Aries is the Aries duad, 2 degrees 30 minutes - 5 degrees of Aries is the Taurus duad and so on.

The sign Taurus has for 0 degrees to 2 degrees 30 minutes the Taurus duad, 2 degrees 30 minutes to 5 degrees is the Gemini duad and so on.

I discovered a technique that will translate each little mini zodiac of 2 degrees 30 minutes into the full 30 degrees of a zodiac sign and then made a full chart uaing this process.. I call these duad charts. Graham Dawson of Solar Fire has kindly made this available on his Solar Fire Deluxe program. As duads describe the genetic patterning of an individual, these charts respond very well to twins. Even if the twins are born very close together these charts will show considerable differences in their approach to life.

I am currently writing a book about duads and have included a section about twins using this technique.. I nearly had the book finished when my computer crashed and it was lost. It seems to be unrecoverable. I am currently rewriting the whole thing (sigh) and it seems to be a never ending task.

As I am a professional astrologer, this technique is part of my astrological practice. Twins and parents of twins consult with me to discuss their differing charts.

If interested in getting this book, please contact for more information on the book. alice_mcdermott@yahoo.com  Chart below curtseys of Alice Portman


As you can see both have Libra Ascendants and Cancer MCs in their duad charts, but Bryan's Libra Ascendant at 29 Libra 23 has the difficult Saturn square Ascendant and Mars-Uranus quincunx Ascendant to cope with, whereas Adam has the ruler of the Ascendant, Venus, is square to the Vertex.
Though I haven't illustrated it, Bryan has Neptune quincunx the Vertex in the duad chart.
You can also see that Saturn in Capricorn is in the 4th house in Adam's duad chart and in the 3rd house in Bryan's, perhaps giving Bryan some difficulties or pressure connected to his brother.

Relating the duad charts to the natal charts, you can see that Adam has his duad MC at 00 Cancer 17 square his natal Venus - a very gentle configuration.  Bryan's duad Ascendant at 29 Libra 23 is sextile natal Vertex.  This puts more emphasis on Venus in Adam's natal chart and the Vertex in Bryan's natal chart.

They both have the duad Mars-Uranus conjunction square duad Nodes, but this is more emphasised in Bryan's duad chart because they connect to the duad Ascendant.

ADAM_BIRTH_CHART.JPG (138414 bytes) ADAM CHART, 1ST BORN, Click to open full size


BRYAN_BIRTH_CHART.JPG (147007 bytes)  BRYAN BIRTH CHART, 2ND BORN 2 MINUTES LATER, Click to open full size








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