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Wabun * EAST

The element associated with Wabun, the Spirit Keeper of the East position on the Native American Medicine Wheel, is air. The mineral associated with Wabun is catlinite, or pipestone. The plant of Wabun is tobacco, the animal is the golden eagle, the colors are gold and red, the season is the spring, the time of day is dawn, and the time of human life is that of infancy and early childhood. Wabun directly influences all the moons in the eastern quadrant; the Budding Trees Moon (March 21 to April 19; Red Tailed Hawk), the Frogs Return Moon (April 20 to May 20; Beaver), and the Corn Planting Moon (May 21 to June 20; Deer).

The power of Wabun is a very straightforward power: It is that of new beginnings. Wabun brings the time of new growth to all of earth's children. The time of Wabun is the time of freshness, newness, enthusiasm, and creativity. It is the time of bursting through, of the light that comes after each darkness, of the brightness that you see after you have come out of the void. The East is truly a time of rebirth, a time when all things are possible. It is a time of innocence and a time of awakening.

Wabun brings the eternal promise of spring, the eternal promise of dawn. Wabun helps us to know that each moment can be a new beginning. The gifts of Wabun are the gifts of spontaneity, playfulness, wonder, inquisitiveness, and truth saying. Wabun brings the abilities to explore, to feel high energy, to be full of curiosity, to question everything, and to have the determination to see what is around the corner.

People under the influence of Wabun feel that they are the messengers of truth and, in reality, they do have the ability to see farther and more clearly than people who are under the influence of other Spirit Keepers. In part, this comes about because of their connection with the golden eagle, the animal associated with Wabun. Like all eagles, the golden eagle has the ability to fly high, to soar to the Creator. From this height, the eagle can see what is happening on earth. Like the eagle, people who are experiencing Wabun also have this ability to soar and to see from a broad perspective.

When the earth enters the time of Wabun, all of life seems to be bursting forth with new energy. The seeds that were frozen in the breast of the Earth Mother poke their tiny heads up through her soil and begin to greet and dance with the energy of Father Sun. In the time of Wabun many of the animal people bear their young and begin to teach them the lessons that they need to prosper on the earth.

When humans are in the time of Wabun, they are like the rest of nature. They're bursting with enthusiasm, energy, and the willingness to try as many new things as they can. The time of Wabun is a magical time both for the earth and for all of her children. It is a time when everything seems to be possible, when each breath, each moment is a new beginning, when incredible energy is available for growth on all levels.

When you are experiencing a position influenced by Wabun, it is a good time to explore life on all levels of your being. It is a good tome to contemplate doing those things you only dreamed about when you were in other positions on the Medicine Wheel. It is a good time to soar and to see and to learn how to say the truth you have been shown.

During such times it is important that you do not volunteer truth to people who have not asked to have your help in seeing the world. It is very easy for people who are under this influence to lose whatever sense of discrimination they have and to lose their knowledge of limits, and boundaries. When you are under the influence of Wabun, you also need to learn to control your energy. Otherwise, it can be difficult for you to work with others or to sustain either a project or yourself.

Some of the important lessons you can learn in the East are how to turn the knowledge of the Spirit outward and how to find a way to take this knowledge into the world. Wabun provides a good time to take advantage of your clear-sightedness, your ability to work with things of the earth while still remembering the lessons you have learned from other realms.

The time of Wabun is the time of healing of the mind. This is the place we seek if we seek if we need to find the truth of life and get rid of any lies that might be binding us to old places that keep us from new beginnings.

Wabun is the place to come if you wish to have healing on the mental level. The Wabun position can help if you wish to make a new beginning in any aspect of your life or in any of your relationships. It bestows abundant energy, intensity, and persistence. It is the place to come if you want to look at the world with new eyes, if you wish to open untapped sources of creativity, if you want to become more optimistic, observant, passionate, or determined. Wabun can help you know what truth really means to you and how you can communicate that to others. This is the stone to seek to understand that although the mind is very important to life, it is not the only part of you that has importance.

The powers of Wabun are those of truth, of openness, of illumination. Exploring Wabun will help you to know how to let the sacred energy that is the Creator flow freely and vitally throughout your whole being.



The Spirit Keeper of the East, Wabun, is represented by tobacco. Many Native peoples tell a story of a sacred woman who became pregnant with twin boys. Even inside the womb these boys fought. One represented all that was good in humans while the other represented the opposite. When it was time for them to be born the good son was born in the normal way. The other son was so anxious to get out of the womb that he kicked his way through the side of the woman thus mortality injuring her.

The good son remained with his mother, and with his extraordinary powers, buried her as she instructed. She told him that even with her death good things would come to the people. He remained by her grave for some days as she requested. Before he left he saw that from her body grew the three sister plants-corn, beans, and squash-which would from that time on give sustenance to all the people. From her forehead came the sacred tobacco plant.

Because it came from this part of the sacred woman, tobacco is considered to be an herb whose smoke can bring clarity. Clarity is a two-edged gift that can draw you both to good and bad: freedom or prison. So it is with tobacco. Used properly it can bring clarity, draw in energies, absorb negativity, and transform it into positive energies. Used incorrectly, it can poison you. It is a plant that must be used with respect.

Tobacco is considered one of the most sacred plants by Native Americans. When smoked in a sacred pipe it carries prayers to Spirit, It is frequently used for making offerings to the Spirit Keepers and Spirit Guides. To smoke tobacco is to call to the Spirit plane for help, If someone smokes for recreation than they are continually calling Spirit to them with a false alarm similar to the one given by "the boy who cried wolf." The tobacco leaf is six to twelve inches long, large, broad, and pointed. The leaf is the part that is used for smoking.



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