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Welcome to my website.  Discover the traditional astrological influences of 290 fixed stars and 88 constellations.  Explore the 6500 specific influences categorized under 40 subject titles.  

Anne Wright

NEW Fixed Stars & their Influences compiled by Ann Wright

View the fixed stars in various orders

The named fixed stars in longitude order

The named fixed stars in ecliptic latitude orders

The named fixed stars in declination order

The named fixed stars in alphabetical order

The named fixed stars in magnitude order

The named fixed stars in right ascension order

The constellations

Michael Erlewine's list of 768 fixed stars

The fixed stars in the signs

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer
Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio
Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

The Introduction

The constellations

Using the fixed stars

Natal astrology by Vivian Robson

The Fixed Stars In Mundane Astrology

The character of myth and the Draconic Transverse  by Barry Long

Precession and the Age of Pisces

The Myths of the Zodiac  by Kalev Pehme


Authors and bibliography


   The fixed star categories

bullet Mundane  part 1.
bullet Mundane  part 2
bullet Tragedies and natural disasters.
bullet Agriculture.
bullet Weather.
bullet Travel, foreign, journeys, immigration.
bullet Hobbies and interests.
bullet Occupations and special abilities A-M
bullet Occupations and special abilities N -Z
bullet Mind and Intellect part 1
bullet Mind and intellect part 2
bullet Character traits A
bullet Character traits B
bullet Character traits C
bullet Character traits D
bullet Character traits E
bullet Character traits F-H
bullet Character traits I- J
bullet Character traits K-O
bullet Character traits P
bullet Character traits Q
bullet Character traits R
bullet Character traits S
bullet Character traits T
bullet Character traits U-Z
bullet Mental condition.
bullet Health.
bullet Accidents and injuries.
bullet Physical defects.
bullet Drugs and alcohol. 
bullet Associations with parts of the body.
bullet Appearances.
bullet Love affairs and relationships.
bullet Sexuality
bullet Women. 
bullet Marriage and domestic conditions.
bullet Children and parents.
bullet Family and relatives. 
bullet Friends.
bullet Enemies.
bullet Superiors.
bullet Business and business partnerships.
bullet Money and fortune.
bullet Misfortune. 
bullet Inheritances.
bullet Fame, reputation and honors.
bullet Crime.
bullet The Law.
bullet Secrets.
bullet Animals.
bullet Religion and the higher mind.
bullet Good and evil.
bullet Tarot trumps and Hebrew letters.
bullet Symbolisms.
bullet Conditions of life.
bullet Death part 1.
bullet Death part 2.  


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