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Natural Disaster Preparedness



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Oceans Quakes Volcanoes Solar Storms Misc.

U.S. Navy's FNMOC SST Anomaly Map U.S. Navy's FNMOC center in Monterey
Tsunami links  

USA: USGS Current Quakes List USA: Central Recent Earthquakes
USA: USGS Real-time Seismographs USA: Alaska Recent Earthquakes
USA: Pacific NW Current Quakes USA: Nevada Recent Earthquakes
USA: California/Nevada Recent Quakes USA (N.E.): Current Seismicity
USA: Mount Rainier Seismicity USA: Mt Rainier Quakes - time/depth plot
Australia: Recent Earthquakes EMSC - Europe Current Quakes Map
Canada: Recent Quakes Western Canada: Recent Quakes Eastern
Norway: Recent Earthquakes Earthquake maps on the Web
USGS significant quakes 1857-2006 FEMA: Disaster Prep Facts & Supplies

Mt St Helens Volcano Camera (Live) Mammoth Mountain Long Valley Caldera
Mt St Helens Volcano Current Conditions Mammoth Long Valley Caldera Tiltmeter
Real-time Volcanic Seismographs (Cascades) Mammoth Long Valley Recent Quakes
Mt St Helens' Time Depth Plots Mt St Ranier's Time Depth Plots
Mt St Hood's Time Depth Plots Three Sisters' Time Depth Plots
Glacier Peak's Time Depth Plots Crater Lake's Time Depth Plots
Mt Baker's Time Depth Plots Mt Adam's Time Depth Plots
Italy's Volcanoes: Cradle Of Volcanology USGS Volcano Hazards
MTU Volcanoes Volcano World
More Volcano links Alaska Volcano Observatory
IGNS - Plate Deformation Movie
IGNS (Inst. of Geological & Nuclear Science) New Zealand Deformation Map
TV One News. New Zealand news Ring Of Fire

Shout out to COURTNEY PHILLIPS class for the link of Ring of Fire Information

Lockheed: Yohkoh SXT Current Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Space Environment Center Auroral Activity - NOAA (POES)
Space Weather Report LASCO Real Time Solar Images
LASCO ftp dir Latest Solar MPGs LASCO ftp dir Latest Solar Image

Lockheed: Last SXT NOAA Image NASA: Latest SOHO Daily Images
Lockheed: Yohkoh SXT 1st Light NASA: Solar Data Analysis Center
Lockheed: Features of the Sun NASA: Yohkoh Satellite Solar Movies
Lockheed: Solar Movies NASA: Movies of Solar Activity (SOHO)
Plot SST vs. Reflected Longwave Radiation
Solar Irradiance Data
Lockheed: Solar Science Section NOAA: El Nino forecasts
Lockheed: Yohkoh Outreach Project Learmonth Current Solar Data
Lockheed: Yohkoh Xray Telescope Solar Cycle 22
More Solar links Solar Cycle 20 - 23
  Solar Cycle 23

National Hurricane Center (NOAA) Tropical Storms: Info and Images
Today's Jetstream: North America Current World Cloud Cover Image
Today's VIRTUAL 3d Weather
images and animations
Ocean, Land, Atmosphere Studies
Tornado links
Flood links


Astronomical Sites


Martian Daily

Hubble Space Telescope:
Latest Images
Comet Hale-Bopp:
The Discovers
Comet Hale-Bopp:
Comet Images
Hubble Space Telescope:
Best Images 1990-95
Astronomy Archive
Picture of the Day


Weather and Climate


a shout out and thank you to  Lindsey Weiss a teacher in North Carolina who offered a few links for her class

National Archives Info on Space Exploration

Space Education Resource List

Mars Exploration, Mars Rovers Information, Facts, News, Photos

Space and NASA News

How-To Guide for Students and Educators: Science Fair Displays


 AccuWeather - enter any U.S. zip code for 5 day forecast, radar and satellite images
Air Quality Index for Kids - from the EPA
All About Snow - National Snow and Ice Data Center
America's Weather - 15 categories of weather information plus maps and more
Arctic theme page
Atmosphere - climate and environmental changes from NASA's Earth Observatory
Aurora - SPACE.com Cam - shows current extent and position of auroral activity
The Aurora Borealis Page - information on and photos of the northern lights
Aurora from the Space Shuttle - photos made available from NASA
Auroras: Paintings in the Sky - what auroras look like from space and on Earth & more
Bad Coriolis - learn the truth about circulating sinks and toilets
Bad Meteorology - common weather mistakes often taught in schools
Billion Dollar US Weather Disasters - droughts, fires, hurricanes, etc.
CNN.com / Weather - Cable News Network
Climate Change - currently 13 categories of news and information provided
Climate Controls - 7 factors that influence climate and many climographs!
Climate Glossary - from the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center
Climate Zone - climate and other geographic info available by continent or country
Climatic Extremes and Weather Events - 14 topics to explore!
Climographs - click on any of 30 U.S. cities to view its climograph
Cloud Chart - from S'COOL
Digital Snow Museum - information and photos of major storms since 1717
Drought Monitor - includes several drought maps and other drought information
Earth View From the Sun - where is direct sunlight shining right now?
Earth's Seasons Equinoxes, Solstices, Perihelion, and Aphelion - 1992-2005
Earthwatch Weather on Demand - 6 categories of weather information available
El Niņo - information on the past and present impact of El Niņo
El Niņo: online meteorology guide - warm water current that appears every 3 to 7 years
El Niņo: Research, Forecasts and Observations
El Niņo Rules - history, causes and effects of El Niņo in past, present and future
El Niņo Theme Page - lots of El Niņo information from NOAA
El Niņo / La Niņa - What's the difference?
Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment - Global Warming, Air Quality, Climate Change, Ozone, Weather
EPA Global Warming - site discusses the problem and what is being done about it
Equinoxes - from the U.S. Naval Observatory
Franklin's Forecast (Weather) - lots of weather information from the Franklin Institute
GeoAstro Applet Collection - observe daily and annual path of sun and moon for any location
GeoTopics - Weather and Climate - from Internet Geography
GeoWeather - guide to international weather conditions for the traveller
Get Current Local Weather Forecasts, Severe Weather Alerts and More. Free! www.WeatherBug.com
Groundhog Day - February 2, 1998 - direct from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
Groundwater as % of Fresh Water - chart
Here Comes the Sun! - rotation, revolution and the seasons
Historical Hurricane Tracks - NOAA Coastal Services Center
How do the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon Move? - includes information on seasons
How does a thermometer tell the temperature? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
Humidex and Widchill Calculators - from PhysLink.com
Hurricane: Storm Science - from the Miami Museum of Science
Hurricane Information Resources - good links from Lea Burnside
Hurricane Tracking - from the Miami Museum of Science
Hurricane Strike! - hurricane science and safety for students
The Hydrologic Cycle: online meteorology guide - learn the terms and how it works
Ice Ages Blamed on Tilted Earth - from LiveScience
Intellicast - get the weather forecast you need
Interesting United States Weather Facts and Extremes - 14 "Top 10" lists
International Weather - from WeatherHub
Jet Stream for United States - map from Intellicast
Koppen Climate Map - for climate classification Koppen Climate Chart - needed to read map
La Niņa - information on the past and present impact of La Niņa
Let's Weather Together! - mostly cloud information
Live From Antarctica - information from the Live From Antarctica project
Local Weather - National Weather - International Weather - from HomeTownLocator
Meteorology Guide - air masses, fronts, clouds, precipitation, winds, and more!
Meteorology - Online - a ThinkQuest project
Midwestern U.S. 16,000 Years Ago - during the last ice age
National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) - World's largest archive of weather data
National Weather Service - current weather, climatic data and much more
National Weather Service Doppler Radars - click on site for current radar
National Severe Storms Laboratory Weather Room - storm info, weather lessons, etc.
National Snow and Ice Data Center - University of Colorado
Natural Disasters: Destructive Forces of Nature - tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, etc.
NEXRAD Radar Images - select from locations around the US
NOAA Education - Climate Change and Our Planet
NOAA La Niņa page - large amount of information available
NOAA Weather Education - Specially for Students
NOAA/PMEL/TAO - what is La Niņa?
Northern Lights - website from Norway with articles, photos, Q&A
Oceanweather Inc: Current Marine Data
Old Farmer's Almanac Long Range US Weather Forecast - get it for your area
Operational Significant Event Imagery - 12 categories from dust storms to volcanoes
Passport to Knowledge's Live From the Storm - Who, what, when, where, and whys of weather and climate
Planet Earth: A Year of Pictures - see all four seasons
Reasons for the Seasons - by Jon Kahl, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
The Reasons for the Seasons - by Challe Hudson, North Carolina State University
Sable Island Station - Nova Scotia, Canada
Severe Thunderstorm Climatology - from NOAA
Solar System Simulator - great to help explain seasons and show how sun hits earth
State Weather - click on state name, get forecasts and more!
Storm Prediction Center - from NOAA
Summer Solstice - information for beginners, intermediate, and advanced
Sun or Moon Altitude/Azimuth Table - get sunrise/sunset times, height of sun, more
Sunclock - see where the sun is shining right now!
Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times around the World - Gaisma (Latvian word, meaning "light")
Sunshine Applet - lost of great sun information you can select by city
Tornado Information - tons of information from USA Today
Tornado Project Online - tornado myths, oddities, experiences, chasing, safety, etc.

Tropical Prediction Center - National Hurricane Center
Tropical Weather Menu - from Plymouth State College
United States Interactive Climate Pages - from NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center
United States Weather Pages - includes current sever weather advisories
USA Today Weather - get weather forecasts and much more information
UM Weather - from the University of Michigan
Unisys Weather - a complete source of graphical weather information
Urban Heat Islands - Heat Island Group
Water Cycle - from EnchantedLearning.com's Zoom Astronomy
Weather - from About.com
Weather & Climate - 15 information sheets on Weather & Climate
Weather 101 - for teachers and students from Golden Gate Weather Services
Weather and Climate Photos - 2 pages to choose from
Weather Channel - if you watch it on TV, you'll like it on the Web

Enter city or US Zip

Weather Data - links to weather forecasts, satellite pictures, radar, maps and more!
Weather Dude - especially for kids from KSTW-TV weather forecaster Nick Walker
Weather Folklore - over 200 weather folklore sayings
Weather Folktales - "A warm November is the sign of a bad winter" and many more!
Weather/Climate - Games - over 40 games and quizzes from Geography World
Weather Glossary - contains just about every weather term known to man from Weather World
Weather Glossary - huge list from the American Meteorological Society
Weather Organizer - Satellite, radar, pressure, temps, wind, seas info from around the world
Weather Photography: lightning, clouds, atmospheric optics & astronomy
Weather Symbols - as used on many weather maps
Weather Underground
Weather Wiz Kids - website for kids to learn about the fascinating world of weather
Weather World - from WPSX at Penn State University
Web Weather For Kids - 10 different activities
What is Weather? - by Weatheraction.com
WW 2010 (the weather world 2010 project) - from the University of Illinois
WeatherNet - the Internet's premier source of weather information
WeatherPost - Weather Calculators - from WashingtonPost.com
Welcome to The Weather Underground Inc. - get weather forecasts for anywhere
What is a rainbow? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
Why do leaves change color? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
Why is the sky blue? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
Wild Weather - Latest severe weather news from around the world
Wind Chill Table from USA Today - how cold does it feel when the wind is blowing?
World Climate: - over 85,000 records of world climate data (temperature and rainfall)
World Climate Report - online publication on climate issues
World Rainfall Extremes - records by hour, day, month, year, and average
World Temperature Extremes - highs and lows by continent and state
World Travel Guide: Weather Forecasts - select region, country, city for forecast
World Weather with WeatherCams - from WorldWeatherServer.com
World-Wide Tropical Cyclone Names - 2002 - 2007


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