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* APRIL 1: Interpretation of the Houses - exoteric and esoteric interpretations. This is a FREE lecture given at the Theosophical Society on Cordell Avenue in Bethesda MD

* MAY 19: Richmond NCGR from 2pm to 6pm - I will be lecturing on THE PSYCHOLOGICAL PATTERNS OF THE DISEASES OF AGING. Contact Ruth at planetwise@verizon.net ..or contact Lynn Koiner at koiner@starpower.net This lecture is $12 pre-paid/$15 at the door. If you need a ride to Richmond, you can ride with me. BUT, I will be stopping at Potomac Mills.

* JUNE 16: All-Day Workshop on the Psychological Patterns of Disease in Chicago

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ASTROLOGICAL SERVICES:  As of this notice, I have increased my telephone consultation fee to $100. I am discontinuing the in-person readings for new clients. I will continue to see my long-standing clients in-person ($200). It is just so much work to prepare for an in-person reading. For those of you who have had them, you know that I provide time-consuming extra services.

KOINER on Podcast: I have a monthly podcast with Amanda Owen and Kelli Harmon that can be downloaded at www.ggastro.com I have a column on Mars transiting the signs that can be read on the website, plus the iPod interview. I developed this Mars-Sign interpretation many years ago and it still works today. In the 1980s and 1990s, I wrote that Mars in Capricorn can cause health issues for one’s self and one’s animals. For me, it often portended an illness for a cat. Even during this 2007 cycle, one of my cats developed cellulitis and had to go to the vet. It generates crisis in which you are called to take care and bring order to the situation. Other articles are available on this website. The MARS SIGN articles will be available on www.ggastro.com If you cannot find this, let me know and I will send it privately.




This website provides a link to www.astralis.it/farticles, a site run by my friend, Laura, in Pisa, Italy, and she features many of my articles.


http://www.internationalastrologers.com/2006_calendar.htm This site has a nice calendar for the month. The times are for Mountain Standard Time. There is a lot more at the site so check out the other features. If you just go to www.internationalastrologers.com, scroll to the bottom, click on my name and you will find most of my articles that are posted on the internet. There is lots of other interesting articles as well. This also has a link to Laura’s site.

Cece even has an article on the 90 degree dial by Mary Downing.


From an excellent link – http://www.alabe.com/ephemerissimo07.html


All the 2007 eclipses take place in Pisces and/or Virgo.

· Mar 3: Total Lunar Eclipse at 13̊ Virgo-Pisces. Saros 123. Second in Metonic series of Mar

3, 1988, 2007, 2026 and 2045.

· Mar 19: Partial Solar Eclipse at 28̊ Pisces. Saros 149 (9 North). Last in Metonic series of

Mar 18-19, 1950, 1969, 1988 and 2007. Reinforced by the Moon at 0̊ declination less than an

hour before the eclipse, and the Moon at perigee 16 hours later. Eclipse is exactly square Pluto.

· Aug 28: Total Lunar Eclipse at 5̊ Pisces-Virgo. Saros 128. Third in Metonic series of Aug

27-28, 1969, 1988, 2007, 2026 and 2045. Moon at 0 declination 35 hours later. The Sun is

exactly conjunct Asc, Moon exactly conjunct Dsc, at Washington, DC.

· Sep 11: Partial Solar Eclipse at 18̊ Virgo. Saros 154 (9 South). Last in Metonic series of

Sep 11-12, 1931, 1950, 1969, 1988 and 2007. Moon at 0 declination 15 hours later. The Moon

occults Regulus and Saturn on the previous day, Sep 10. This is only the 6th eclipse in a very

young Saros series that began in the 20th century. The 1917 eclipse chart is on page 16.


Metonic Repeats. In what is known as a Metonic series, eclipses repeat 4 or 5 times at exact 19-

year intervals on or near the same date and degree before going out of phase for many centuries.

Happenings around the time of previous eclipses in a Metonic series can give useful hints about

themes to expect this time around. All of the eclipses in 2007 echo eclipses in 1988. What were you doing in 1988?!


Birthday Eclipse: If an eclipse occurs within a day of your birthday, there will be a major change within the coming year, signified by the House position of your natal Sun.


The best dates for MARCH 2007: Mercury will be retrograde through March 7! March 5-6 (but best after 2pm EST on the 6th), 11, 16, 20, and 25.


NOTE TO READER: These dates are based upon electional techniques. All of the dates apply to all of the signs. I select certain dates for each sign but these dates apply to all of the signs. Do not simply read your own sign – read all of the signs for what I say about the specific dates. When I say that, "...the Moon is in your sign...," this information applies to everyone.


*CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): There is a religious or spiritual tone to this month. Build on a life-philosophy that will sustain you in the years to come. Bonding will occur with friends and family that will bring joy into your life now. Yet, it is a good month to take a risk, to travel, to socialize with people outside your normal circle of friends. The Moon is in your sign on the 13th and, while matters start out well, the matter will prove costly and hurt feelings will cause disappointments.

*AQUARIUS (January 20-February 17): You feel an inner longing but you also feel ambivalent about what may be offered now. When the weather warms, your energy will return. There may be an opportunity to travel or study and this will allow you to gain a very different, healing perspective. The Moon is in your sign on March 15-16 and, after 7:36 am (EDT) on the 16th, the aspects are excellent for all social and intellectual pursuits. The 15th has many of the good aspects but there is an opposition to Saturn that will always cause delay-producing obstacles before success will be achieved.

*PISCES (February 18-March 19): There is a situation around you that offers prestige but, if you look at the opportunity more clearly, with a different perspective, you may feel disappointed by what is truly being offered. Proceed with caution this month. The Moon is in your sign on March 17-18. Something will "eclipse" any matter or event commenced now and bring complications. This is similar to the day when Prince Charles was to marry Camilla – the Pope died and the wedding was postponed.  This is a Crisis New Moon Period!

*ARIES (March 20-April 19): This is a month for emotional quests, for seeking fulfillment and for healing a past relationship. You may be working with a prosperous family, "Old Money" possibly. There will be a lot of activities this month. You will be kept quite busy in March but you will enjoy what you are doing. The Moon is in your sign on the 20th. This is a excellent day for initiating new project but something will be dropped for something much better.

*TAURUS (April 20-May 20): There is something from your past that has become a heavy, karmic burden. It is time to release this negative energy – and only you can do this! Once done, March is an excellent month for socializing. Something will be offered and a healing can occur. The Moon is in your sign on the 21st (including the morning of the 22nd using EDT) and this is a very bad day. No one should initiate anything on this day. Avoid confrontations, financial decisions or signing contracts.

*GEMINI (May 21-June 20): A part of you feels victorious regarding many of the changes and decisions that you have made this year. However, this month you start to feel a sadness because change means that something must be left behind. This is natural - take time to wish the past good-bye. Healing will occur around water. The Moon is in your sign on March 23-24 – changes will be costly and complicated....wait until the 25th to initiate changes.

*CANCER (June 21-July 22): Finish up your work this month. Get it out of the way. Stresses will be minor - deal with them or ignore them, whichever seems most efficient. This appears to be a healing month for many people and there will be a healing for you as well. You may sense a strong spiritual connection with an important Spirit Guide. The Moon is in your sign on the 25th and this is an excellent day to be with those you love, to be around water (such as the beach) and to expand your social circle. Relationships will have a strong emotional connection. It is also a good day to fight for what you believe in.

*LEO (July 23-August 22): The Healing Energies of March prevail for Leos. A Spirit Guide is watching over you to bring this into your life. You feel that what has been long suppressed and hidden within you is now awakened and brought to life. This is a good month to make plans for the future, especially if this involves travel. The Moon is in your sign on March 28 through 9:24 pm (EDT) of the 29th. Because of a misunderstanding, there may be a confrontation. There are, however, many parallel aspects occurring during this time. You will find others coming to support you. The Moon is also in Leo on March 1 – at this time, it is best to work alone as you will not have correct information from others. What they leave out will cause much anxiety in the long run.

*VIRGO (August 23-September 22): This is a social month – a time for gathering with others. Socializing will prove very energizing. You will find yourself quite busy this month but you feel that you are doing something enjoyable, playful or, at least, energizing. This is also a month wherein you will find yourself taking control of some bad habits. You will have help on unseen levels. The Moon is in your sign on March 3-4 and 31st. The Moon ends with a square to Pluto – complications on the 3rd and 4th will be due to a power struggle; on the 31st, they will be more psychological. It is a good day to LET GO!

*LIBRA (September 23-October 22): Your world is about to change this year with only minor stresses. Change can be a good thing! The Moon is in your sign on March 5-6, just before Mercury turns direct. This is an excellent day for initiating, if you plan on making changes within the changes. The best time is AFTER 2pm (EST) on the 6th. It is an excellent time to review, re-evaluate, and go over plans....initiating the new changes after Mercury goes direct, March 11 being the first good day after Mercury turns direct.

*SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Everything is about to change and you already know this...but HOW it will change is still in question. It is important to take the Moral High Road. Ethics and amicability are important now. If the fighting gets dirty, the situation will become more complicated than anyone can handle. The Moon is in your sign on March 7-8 and, for EST, including the morning of the 9th. The Moon in Scorpio has many difficult aspects to Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune with an ending square to Mercury. This is a very bad period, smothered with poor cooperation and conflict. No one should initiate now. Wait until the 11th!

*SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): You feel restless for change. Plan a future mentally-stimulating trip. In your professional activities, justice will prevail. Listen to your inner voice as healing energies abound in March. The Moon is in your sign on the 11th. It is a better time to work alone as someone in authority may cause difficulties – but it favors correct judgment and decisions. It is a good day.

CRISIS LUNATIONS FOR 2007: Crisis Lunation periods occurs when, at the time that the Moon is New or Full, the Moon is physically very close to the earth. This closeness-lunation parallel will amplify our emotional reactions, bringing matters to a crisis point. This Crisis Moon period usually begins about one week before the New/Full Moon and lasts several days afterward. I find that you are only affected by one of the Crisis Moon periods, usually one that falls close to a natal planet. When a crisis arises, my advice is always to "stay calm, relax and make no impulsive decisions for at least a week." The most critical are eclipses. The most potent occurred on April 15, 1995, because it occurred at the time of a Lunar Eclipse. Of course, the event it portended was the Oklahoma City bombing as the Eclipse fell on the ASC/DESC axis over that city. The WTC/Pentagon attack occurred within the orb of a Crisis Lunation on October 13. The US invaded Iraq on a Crisis Full Moon in March 2003.

Crisis Lunations occur in a series, lasting about 4 or 5 months. There is usually only ONE of these CFMs that hits you -- generally, not all of them ... and you cannot always tell which one it is going to be. When it hits, you go crazy and your emotions are magnified. But, when the Moon begins to move away from the earth, we calm down. I am a Virgo so a rational explanation is very satisfying for me. If I know that I am feeling this way because of some astrological/astronomical configuration, it makes it seem OK and I feel much better.

CRISIS NEW MOON: March 19, April 17 and May 16

CRISIS FULL MOON: September 24, October 26, November 24 and December 24



In the natal chart, Pluto tends to operate even more Plutonian when it is retrograde. It is far more intense, it possesses a higher degree of concentration and it, therefore, gives greater insights into the subconscious. Because of this intensity, the individual can see much more than normally possible and it is easy to become suspicious of the motives of others. The powers of regeneration are far greater when retrograde. People with a natal retrograde Pluto have a tremendous ability to overcome major illnesses that might otherwise cause permanent disability. Remember, retrograde motion is always directed toward inner activity such as the psyche or psychological patterns that affect the physical body. Direct motion, on the other hand, is directed towards external circumstances.

Under any Pluto transit, we feel pressured to eliminate and release the old, outworn, outdated and obsolete in our lives. When Pluto is transiting retrograde, we are urged to let go of attitudes, thinking or communication patterns, security drives, rigid emotions; a time to undergo an internal form of house cleaning. It is a good time to research into our own Souls in order to determine exactly what we do or do not need. Because Pluto retrograde imparts an intense power for investigation, we should use this time to assess what reoccurring patterns in our lives make us feel out of control, where and why do we continually give our power away, and under what circumstances do we react so defensively that we elicit attacks from others. Pluto retrograde marks a time wherein we should seek to gain greater control over our personal life; Pluto direct is better for gaining control over professional and financial areas. My most frequent observation of Pluto retrograde is that many people do seek some form of regenerative activity. I have seen people undertake a series of internal cleansings, detoxifying diets, Eastern disciplines that put them in touch with the inner self and even intense psychological reforms.

MAY 12-14 and SEPTEMBER 20-22: Mars-Pluto afflicted urges us to resist external pressure, control or manipulation by others. Do not act under pressure.

APRIL 10-11, MAY 27-28, and SEPTEMBER 3: Pluto-Mercury warns not to say something you will regret.

MAY 6-7: Pluto-Venus indicates a need to change attitudes in relating. Money and relating can become complicated.



Early Registration begins now for

The Midwest Astrology Conference

Friday, June 22, 2007

To Sunday, June 24, 2007

Doubletree Hotel Cleveland (OH) South

Keynote Speaker: Alphee Lavoie

Pre-conference Workshop with Barbara Junceau on Thursday, June 21, 2007

Post-conference Workshop with Rick Levine on Monday, June 25, 2007

Other faculty members include: Robert Blaschke, Renie Brooksieker, Donna Dean, Bon Rose Fine, Pat Geisler, Lynn Koiner, Misty Kuceris, Julene Packer, Gary Saus, Sandra-Leigh Serio, Richard Smoot, Gloria Star, Donna Van Toen, Bryan Trussler, and Arlan Wise.

Full conference (includes banquet, luncheons extra):

$199 before March 15, 2007

To register, you can either go on-line to our website, www.midwestastrology.com, or you can mail your registration information to: Midwest Astrology Conference - 1547 Bain Dr; Erie, CO 80516.

Our website contains a full schedule of lectures and events. If you wish, I can send you a .pdf file of the brochure and schedule. Or, if youre interested in receiving some extra copies of the schedule and brochure so that you can hand them out to your friends just let me know and Ill be happy to mail you some. Definitely feel free to forward this email to anyone you believe would like to attend.

If you have any questions, please feel free to either call me at 703.354.4076 or email me at misty@enhanceoneself.com.


FortFest '07 at AVAM!
*American Visionary Art Museum; Baltimore; March 17, 2007
43th Annual Conference on Anomalous Phenomena

SATURDAY at AVAM, 9:30 A.M.-6 P.M.:

Contact us at fortfest99@yahoo.com
or call INFO at (304)876-0932. See our website for
past conferences at www.forteans.com
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