By Cece Stevens


How many times have all of us looked at people we have met and had in our life and asked,

Are they my SOUL MATE ? And how many times have we asked when will I meet my SOUL MATE ?


Well I am happy to tell you, now you can find that answer and track that person yourself.

 Forget Fate and waiting for it. Find the answer and make it happen I say. This article is about just that and how to do it.

First we need to understand about the Asteroids Psyche and Eros, and the planets they correspond to.

Psyche and Eros are the lovers of the constellations, Just as Venus and Mars are.

 Psyche is the intuitive understanding of the partner, just as Venus is what we seek in our partners romantic nature.

 Eros is the passion and what turns on us in the partner. Just as Mars is what we sexually seek from out mates.


Now the easy part in locating your Soul Mate. First you need to know where Psyche and Eros sit in your chart, as well as Venus and Mars. Locate the sign and degree that Venus, Psyche, Mars and Eros occupy in your chart.



is feminine in the chart, and so look for masculine planets to match it. SUN MARS PLUTO

Start with SUN then go to MARS and  PLUTO



 is Masculine so look for feminine planets MOON VENUS NEPTUNE to make contacts.

Start with MOON then go to VENUS and NEPTUNE


again I allow a 5 degree orb here. The tighter the hits the better


CHART A ( PSYCHE) makes 0 degree to   CHART B ( EROS)

CHART A ( EROS)     makes 0 degree to   CHART B ( PSYCHE)

or cross action




Following this, I use SUN MARS PLUTO, more hits on each the stronger the action/reaction

CHART A (PSYCHE) makes 0 degree aspect to CHART B ( MARS, SUN, PLUTO )

CHART B (EROS) makes 0 degree aspect to CHART B ( MOON, VENUS, NEPTUNE)


So you will have two different lists here. However

 PSYCHE TO EROS list will hit every 5 years, same date give or take a day.

And EROS TO PSYCHE list will have many hits every year to 18 months.


The EROS TO PSYCHE list, many will see people who have entered their life and had a deep impact one way or another from this list. Either best friends,  or a passionate fleeting romance.


PSYCHE TO EROS, this is who and what we really need to make us happy.

EROS TO PSYCHE is who we draw in and result in.

So I look to being both together as close as possible.


Then to finish the list, I go back again and look for regular synastry aspects.


 However EROS AND PSYCHE are first and foremost.

I did this with myself, and found my soul mate, however I didnít marry them ( my choice).  33 years later we are still the best of friends, have a child, and things are as powerful today as they were 33 years ago.


Now here is the neat part, when you finish through the entire breakdown you come to several birth dates, and from that you narrow it further to a choice of two or three.

Now you have the birth date, but you need to find the place. It gets better here.

Go to the ACG chart and find your VENUS LINE, ( this line helps to see the nationality) now we know the nationality, go back to the chart and look for 7th house (PARTNER) and 11th house, 11th being the (home (4th house) of the partner) from the 7th.,

Now we know where they live. So it all breaks down to PERSON, PLACE, NATIONALITY. 



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