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Mudjekeewis * WEST

The element associated with Mudjekeewis, the Spirit Keeper of the West, is that of fire position on the Native American Medicine Wheel. Mudjekeewis, the Father of All the Winds, provides a home for the thunder beings. The mineral associated with Mudjekeewis is soapstone. The plant is cedar, the animal is the grizzly bear, the colors are blue and black, the season is the autumn, the time of day is the twilight, and the time of life is that when we reach adulthood and maturity. Mudjekeewis directly influences all the moons in the western quadrant: the Ducks fly Moon (September 23 to October 23; Raven), the Freeze Up Moon (October 24 to November 21; Snake), and the long Snows Moon (November 22 to December 21; Elk). The major lesson of Mudjekeewis is that of responsibility; responsibility for self, responsibility for the Earth, and responsibility for all of our relations on the Earth.

It is during the time of Mudjekeewis that all of earth's children prepare to give their harvest back to the Earth Mother. It is during this time that the seeds from most plants fall back into the earth in preparation for the seasons that will come. It is during this time of life that people who have been given a vision know themselves well enough to be ready to share the lessons of their vision. Mudjekeewis brings the gifts of maturity, of experience, and of expertise. It is during the time of Mudjekeewis that people find out what their abilities and skills truly are and gain an unspeakable knowledge of what they can and cannot do in life. This is a time when people are not afraid to say that something is unknown to them or beyond their capabilities. It is a time when they have firmly established their habits and patterns, when they finally know themselves well enough to relax in life. The West is a time of strength in human life, a time of balance.

The animal associated with Mudjekeewis is the grizzly bear, one of the strongest of our bear brothers and sisters. Like all bears, the grizzly is very intelligent, cunning resourceful. The grizzly bear is a problem solver, one that can use hands and heart to find ways to do things that will benefit both himself and his brother sand sisters in the bear kingdom. The grizzly bear is an animal that sometimes inspires fear in humans in much the same way the truly mature individual can inspire fear in those who are hesitant about reaching their own maturity.

When people reach the time of Mudjekeewis, they have established themselves. They have a career, a profession, family, and a home. They are stable and responsible. They have reached a point where they are carrying on their backs not only the young ones-to whom they provide teaching, leadership, and healing-but also the older ones, those who are no longer capable of caring for themselves as they once did. While the time of Mudjekeewis appears to be a straightforward time, it does contain a paradox. Although you experience your highest point of strength, you suddenly become aware of the little deaths you see around you; although you feel you could conquer the world, you become aware of your own mortality and what that truly means.

When you are under the influence of Mudjekeewis, it is a good time to find out how you can manifest the powers of Spirit here on earth. It is also an appropriate time to look within yourself and gain the strength that comes from true self-knowledge. The time of Mudjekeewis is the time when you have the freedom and the knowledge to be selfless and idealistic. It is a time when you can understand and move between the different realism of creation, when you can share your strength with others.

When you are experiencing Mudjekeewis, it is important that you use all the abilities given to you for the good of the people. This is a direction in which people do have a lot of power and, as with all power, it can be used for good or for bad.

The Mudjekeewis position is the place to seek if you aspire to maturity. The Mudjekeewis position can teach you about strength, adaptability, responsibility, teaching, leadership, and power. The Mudjekeewis position is one that will help you be truly concerned for the welfare of others. It will aid you in tempering your passion and in assessing the knowledge you have gained from life. You should seek this stone to learn the balance between looking within and acting without. You should also come to this place when you know what your purpose in life truly is, but need help in fulfilling it.

Mudjekeewis brings healing to the spiritual level, healing to all that we consider to be sacred. It is during the time of Mudjekeewis that we can be most effective a s spiritual leaders and as ceremonialists. I t is when we have 4eneought experience of life to share that we can do the most true teaching. The power of Mudjekeewis is the power of serving: serving with strength, courage, grace, and great ability.



The Spirit Keeper of the West, Mudjekeewis, is represented by the cedar tree, an evergreen that grows throughout the world. Cedar is a strong plant, one that houses, nurtures, guards, and protects many of earth's children. Both the boughs and inner bark of the cedar are used ceremonially.

Cedar is spiritual kin to sage and sweet grass. It is the third plant often used in the sacred smudge of Native American ceremony. Any of these three plants can be burned alone but are most effective when burned together. Burned as a single smudge (using the leaves or inner bark) cedar is a cleanser frequently used when there has been sickness.

Like sagebrush, cedar is a cleansing and purifying plant. Its smoke has a particularly pleasant pungent odor, Cedar is like people in western positions: strong healing agents. In old times cedar bark was also used for parts of houses, canoes, implements, clothing, and ceremonial items.

Whether cedar is tall and stately or short and scrubby, it is a tree that commands attention and respect. Its noble look bespeaks age and wisdom. Because people of the West carry so many of the burdens of living, cedar can be particularly helpful in keeping them refreshed, cleansed and healthy.



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